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Leave me hanging on the telephone - ...And you can never quarantine the past. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Suzy X.

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Leave me hanging on the telephone [Jun. 23rd, 2006|11:32 pm]
Suzy X.
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I signed my papers and tax forms and such before I got my staff shirt Thursday. I was already at Chomper's desk and no one was really there, so she took the time to explain to me what was really going on and why they were so nervous about my position as a CIT that they barely let me handle anything.

Remember that shit about the Kateri myspace? Well, Council read everything we said, everything. And because of the myriad playfights with David resulting in me calling him a fucking asshole (because he drew penises on John Lennon and the Hitlers on CIT photos) they think I have a problem with profanity. Such a problem that I might just start going off on Brownies in sailor-talk. But there's more.

They told Chomper and Miss Donna not to hire me, period. Because they found out about last summer's midnight escapade to Shalom. Honestly last year I didn't think I was coming back, and I didn't think of all the grief they'd be giving Chomper this year, and I definitely didn't think I'd be working at Kateri at all when I sneaked out of my tent with Lauren and Ashley.

But apparently, Gateway Council had to go take it up with the National Chapter of Girl Scouts. Because not only did we manage to escape through the gates of an ACA-accredited Girl Scout camp but we also trespassed into another, which could put me liable to GSUSA in case I were arrested. It would soil the reputation of Kateri as a camp, as it pretty much tarnished mine at council. They all still regard me with a sort of fascination because of the articles and the rap group promoting Girl Scouts, but even then I'm still the Godless girl with the potty mouth.

This embarrasses me, now that I'm older. I'm still hired, thankfully, because of Chomper, but I know that many of those women must be really, really disappointed in me regardless of my age then and my age now. Even I know I haven't changed that much (I planned on actually trying smoking at Blueberry Fest tomorrow but my drug test is the next day.) Was pissing at Shalom really worth all this nonsense? I don't even think so, it's such a good story for the kids

So, now is the time that I stop writing in the men's kiwashi and stealing Rice Krispies from the kitchen. I have to be responsible-- though it pains me that my status as bad-ass girl scout has morphed into bad-ass girl scout who's been CAUGHT-- I think I'll be fine. This summer was made to grow, and if anything it should be me that does the growing.

My first week as staff will be spent on a motorboat with teen campers and waterskiing, kayaking, canoeing and sailing. I don't think I'll mind, I'm still a Bunkhouse girl at heart but I'm sure the horses don't miss me.

Do you?