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They call me spitfire - ...And you can never quarantine the past. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Suzy X.

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They call me spitfire [Jul. 8th, 2006|11:36 am]
Suzy X.
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[Feelin' |exhaustedexhausted]
[Listening to |Prodigy "Spitfire"]

I don't really know how much longer I want to work there.

Theater camp this week, with a whole bunch of crying, homesick 4th graders. Lauren and Twig were being really fucking evil this week, and when I stayed at Lauren's last night I made sure she knew she was being nasty. Queeny was being nasty too, which eventually lead to drama on Wednesday in which she quit after Eeyore totally bitched her out in front of the kids for canceling swim time. Honestly if Eeyore really knew shit about running a production she'd understand that when you have a show the very next day your props should be ready by then, too. But then if Queeny had got her head out of her ass and realized that they needed to be working on props and not messing up their lines for an hour, she wouldn't have had to quite the fucking swim time. But whatever, it was her big power trip of the week. I silently cheered Queeny on when she said "I fucking quit" and walked away. Eeyore tried to act like I was a liar two hours later when the girls went on to swim time and my unit leader said I could go ahead and take my night off an hour early because I've been so stressed. I was in the shower when Eeyore comes walking into the bathroom asking me "Why are you not with your group? If I ask your leader will she tell me she said that you could get off early?"

I have a dirty mouth, I've sneaked out of Kateri to go to Shalom, I drink, I've smoked, I stay out late with boys and yes I'm fucking pissed that I was the only one who was confronted about it when hired when other counselors have done the same. But if there's one thing I am, it's not a liar. Brittany (aka Tre Cool, barnhand from last year) and I hauled ass outta Kateri, and I had a big fucking smile on my face because Eeyore found out she couldn't say shit to me once she left the bathroom and my whole unit was outside. I wouldn't ever abandon my girls. Brit and I went to Keystone looking for corn nuggets, eyeliner, and scene kids, and when I told her all about this hot mess she was like, "Well, that's why I didn't come back to work there." Before she dropped me off at 11 we took an "accidental" detour into Camp Shalom-- we stopped at their lake, got out of the car, hocked huge ass loogies to spit out and kick dirt over. Even though they did give us a fireworks show at Fourth of July, I still just wanted to say I did something bad ass

I just might hang out with Brit every night off.

The play turned out fine, some girls forgot their lines but it was all okay. Twig and Lauren decided to leave in the middle of the production to clean the unit, and complain about it after the play, so I just let them go back and continue cleaning it by themselves again. I was so mad because not only were they extras but the girls wanted them to see it, and I was so tired of Twig and her need to gather sympathy from everyone for the shit that she gets herself into. I feel sorry for nobody. And that's exactly what I'll tell them in my staff evaluation on Sunday. I just want to do my job. I shouldn't have to give a shit about my coworkers, because I think that's what's been making everyone quit left and right. And frankly, I'm very close to doing it myself