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Kateri meets Shalom-- scandal! - ...And you can never quarantine the past. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Suzy X.

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Kateri meets Shalom-- scandal! [Jul. 14th, 2006|10:46 pm]
Suzy X.
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WE SAW SHALOM AT SKATE STATION. After talking with Lil' Red about mackin' on pre-teen hotties ON WHEELS for four days, in the distance two buses full of boys pulled up with white Shalom shirts. The product was:

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After a couple hours of Cocoa Puff taking pictures of us with their staff boys mingling and attempting to woo, their director lady invited me and Beaches (other counselor in picture) to go to Shalom to drop off a picture CD with all the pictures. Shortly after arriving at camp, the girls-- including Elizabeth Agnew's little sis Lucy-- bragged about holding boy's hands and whatnot and urged us to upload the pictures so we could advance into Shalom, pronto. All the camp knew by dinner time that we saw them, and that we were most definitely visiting. Eeyore and Breezy tried every reason to not let me go but Chomper totally brushed them off and gave me time to get an outfit together. Beaches, Sheena, Diddi, Stooge and I all got gussied up and prepared to visit Shalom, my third reunion. And what did we find?

A mass football championship among the boys, and a dance in their gym. Yes, a dance. Before we got to steppin' a crowd of Shalomees came to ask us questions-- they asked us if we lived in trees, if we had cookies, how much we were paid. The female dorms were plastered with Teddy Geiger, Drake Bell and High School Musical posters. The little girls put on a show for us involving Elvis impressions and told us we were pretty counselors. We asked how many more boys there were before they dragged us into the basketball court. The lights were off. I danced to ridiculously cheesy songs like "Miss New Booty" with no shame because dammit, I was at Camp Shalom and by invitation!

The DJ called out to us from the turntables and urged the boys to come dance with us. In less than 5 seconds they all rushed in and we all jumped and danced in one big mass of campers, together at last with no freaking Girl Scout rules. All I heard in the dark was screaming and our own echoes of baby you're all that I want, and you're lying here in my arms... I'm finding it hard to believe, we're in heaven... The fact that I was on my two hour break and not my night off killed me, it was so Cinderella. When I left it saddened me so, almost as much as when an older counselor had urged all of us to stop "grinding" to that new Nelly Furtado song because it was just a little risque. Today at the staff meeting they finally pulled a new rule up from their asses saying that we could only leave the camp on our NIGHTS OFF, and not during our two hour breaks.

I smiled because I took advantage of it all, and it was great

[User Picture]From: allex
2006-07-17 05:33 pm (UTC)
If it is the same Eeyore that it has been for ages, she is sort of a bitch. She just doesn't know how to let people have fun. It was her and Duckie (fuck Duckie).

And, awww, you hung out with the Jewish kids from across the lake. I have actually never been there in all my years.

Your journal entries make me long for my camper days.
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